Design Process

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When new clients come to us for a set of drawings, typically, we are presented with several questions about their new home, or renovation.  We created this page to help in answering some of your questions about our entire design process.

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Kickoff Meeting

We begin every project by having a kickoff meeting.  During this meeting, we ask if you have a plan in mind, such as your desired square footage, or if you have a particular plan that you like.  We also note how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want and if the home is going to be a multi-level, have a basement and we also look at the proposed site for the addition or new home.  For renovations, during our kickoff meeting, we always take measurements of the existing home and examine it thoroughly to help in our design process. This meeting will give us a place to begin and help us fully understand what you want to accomplish with your new home or renovation.  

Schematic Design Phase

Once we have all the information from our initial meeting, then we'll insert that information into our CAD system and provide a schematic design of the plans and/or changes we're going to make to your home, depending on if it is a renovation or new construction.  This will be the design we will develop into the finalized plans.

Design Development Phase

In the Design Development Stage, we take the designs we created in the Schematic Design and Develop those into more refined version of the initial plans.  You'll be able to review the plans, in 3D, and see what we have developed for your new addition or new home.  This will give you a more "hands-on" feel to design the new home or renovation.  

Construction Drawing Phase

At this point of the design process, we create a completely dimensioned set of plans, exterior and interior elevations.  We also create the roof plan, typical wall sections and details, and also set up the foundation and framing plans for the structural engineer.  At the end of the Construction Drawing phase, we'll provide a set of plans for you to review with your contractor and if there are changes after that, then we can provide those services as well.  Once we received the client's final approval, then the drawings are sent to the engineer.

Structural Engineering

When the architectural drawings have been completed and the client has given final approval, then we can send the Construction Drawings to the structural engineer for him to calculate all of our structural needs for the project. For renovation work, this sometimes requires a site visit by the engineer prior to the beginning of the Schematic Design Phase.  The Structural engineer will provide us with a set of sealed foundation and framing plans and provide any details as needed.


Once engineering is completed, we print out 3 sets of drawings for your use as well as provide a set of stamped PDF drawings.  The plans are ready to submit for permitting and we'll provide the PDF set so you or the contractor can do so.

Scheduling and Time Frame

The timing involved during a new home or renovation project varies considerably, depending on the size and complexity of the house and/or renovation. It can range from as low as 20 hours all the way up to 80 hours and beyond.  However, we keep a close record of hours from time to time and can provide a close estimate of how long it will take from project to project.

What will it cost?

This is by far, the one of the most important and frequent questions we are asked about drawings.  We typically charge on a per square foot basis on new construction and a combination of per square foot and hourly work on renovations.  We won't know what to accurately charge until we have more specific information on your project, so give us a call and we'll set up a meeting.  

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Whenever you are ready to start, give us a call to set up an appointment to meet and discuss your project face to face.  We do not give quotes over the phone because we want to make sure we are fully aware of your design specifications and needs for your project, and the only way to do that is to meet face to face or on site.  Then, we can discuss your plans, renovations, etc. and give you the best personal service you require for your project.